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Professional Societies
American Mathematical Society
Mathematical Association of America
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Online mathematical reviews & indices.
Zentralblatt fur Mathematik
MathSciNet search page or MathSciNet main page

Libraries Online
Wayne State

Mathematics in Michigan--- Where to go while you're not at Wayne.
University of Michigan
You can check the schedules for selected U. of M. seminars.
Michigan State University
Michigan State has made its current week's seminar schedule available on the web. You can also look for past and future schedules.
Oakland University

Los Alamos ArXive
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics and World Combinatorics Exchange
Hopf Topology Archive
Group Cohomology and Representation Theory Archive

Gateways and Organizations
The Math Forum
Formerly "The Geometry Forum," this is an extensive and well-maintained site designed to serve as a virtual community for practicioners of mathematics from grade-school students to active educators and researchers. To skip directly to one of its entry points to other web sites, you might try the Forum's Internet Resource Collection
(aka Steve's Dump.)
The Geometry Center
Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway
Penn State's list of math sites
A wonderful collection of links, archives, and other things worth looking at.
Yahoo Math Index

Cool Math--- Exposition that uses the web.
The Nephroid Lab
This interactive laboratory is a great introduction to computational algebraic geometry.
A New Polyhedral Surface
A recently discovered tight polyhedral immersion of the surface of Euler characteristic -1 into three-space.

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