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Mathematics Tutoring Center

About the MLRC

Contents of this Page:


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide learning assistance to Wayne State University students in order to help them learn how to succeed in mathematics courses, as well as in other courses that require an understanding of mathematical concepts.Return to top of page.



The MLRC is located on the first floor of the Faculty Administration Building (the building pictured to the right of this text) in Room #1198. The building's street address is 656 W. Kirby, Detroit, MI 48202 (click here for map). For driving and other information see below.Return to top of page.


About Our Tutors

Our tutors are primarily undergraduate math majors who have demonstrated a high level of mathematical ability as well as a desire to help others be successful. Some graduate students are also on the staff each semester. The MLRC is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association and our tutors are trained and earn certification as Regular, Advanced or Master Tutors.

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The MLRC Can Help Serious Students:

  • Learn to master math content from beginning algebra through upper-level undergraduate courses
  • Learn how to study math
  • Learn how to prepare for tests and quizzes
  • Learn techniques to overcome math and test anxiety
  • Review for the WSU Math Proficiency Exam or Math Placement Exam

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What the MLRC CAN’T DO:

  • Provide failing students with a "quick fix"
  • Substitute for your own hard work
  • Your homework or take-home quiz for you
  • Prepare students with insufficient mathematical backgrounds to pass the WSU Math Proficiency or Placement exams

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How to Prepare for Tutoring

  • Try to solve some of the problems before you arrive
  • Have some questions in mind when you arrive
  • Work on problems while you are waiting for a tutor
  • Work with other students in your course while you are waiting (see course level signs on tables)
  • Give us feedback…we need to know what we are doing well and what needs to be improved (see suggestion box)
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The MLRC Schedule

The MLRC is open from the first day of classes through the last scheduled Mathematics final exam, excluding Sundays and holidays (see below regarding Saturday hours). It is closed on university holidays and during semester breaks.

Fall and Winter Semesters

During the Fall and Winter, the MLRC is generally open from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday.  The MLRC holds Saturday hours in State Hall (the room changes from semester to semester). 

Spring/Summer Semesters

During the Spring/Summer, the MLRC is generally open from 9 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday.  The MLRC is closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. To check the current schedule, including the location for Saturday hours, 
click here

Students with Special Needs

Special arrangements can be made for tutoring students with special needs. Please call the Tutoring Coordinator at (313) 577-2483 to make arrangements.Return to top of page.


Other Services Available

  • Additional textbooks on all levels
  • Video and audio tapes available for MAT 0993 and 0995
  • Old departmental final exams available for MAT 0993 – 2010
  • Software for pre-calculus, calculus and statistics
  • Materials to help review for Proficiency and Placement exams
  • Materials and assistance in areas math and test anxiety, math study skills, time management, etc.
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The Faculty Administration Building (FAB) is located directly in front of the Helen Newberry Joy Building (the small building on Anthony Wayne Drive where Registration, Admissions, and Records is located) and across the street from Parking Structure #5 (also located on Anthony Wayne Drive).  If you have any questions on directions and the interactive map is not helpful, call the MLRC (313) 577-3195 or the Department of Mathematics Main Office (313) 577-2479 for directions.Return to top of page.