Department of Mathematics
Topology Seminar 2014-2015

Wayne State University
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Talks are held Tuesdays at 3:00 PM in the Nelson Room unless otherwise noted.
The organizers for 2014-15 are Robert Bruner and Andrew Salch.

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Fall 2014

All talks are at 3 PM unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker and Title
Sept 5
Eric Peterson, University of California, Berkeley
Determinantal K–theory and a few applications (Abstract)
Oct 7 Andrew Salch, WSU
Homotopical torsor theory and complex orientations of algebraic K-theory (Abstract)
Oct 14 Bruce Corrigan-Salter, WSU
Coefficients for higher order Hochschild cohomology (Abstract)
Oct 21 (Algebra Seminar) Sudesh Kaur Khanduja, IISER, Mohali
On splitting of primes and simple extensions of integrally closed domains (Abstract)
Nov 4 Martin Frankland, Western University
Two-track algebras and the Adams spectral sequence (Abstract)
Nov 25 (Algebra Seminar) Wayne Raskind, WSU
Regulators in Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry (Abstract)
Dec 2 Michael Andrews, MIT
Non-nilpotent elements in motivic homotopy theory. (Abstract)

Winter 2015

Date Speaker and Title
Jan 13 Glen Wilson, Rutgers University
TBA (Abstract)
Mar 3 Justin Noel, Universitat Regensberg
TBA (Abstract)