Department of Mathematics
Topology Seminar 2013-2014

Wayne State University
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Talks are held Tuesdays at 2:00 PM in the Nelson Room unless otherwise noted.
The organizers for 2013-14 are John Klein and Andrew Salch.

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Fall 2013

All talks are at 2 PM unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker and Title
Sept 10 Robert Bruner, Wayne State University
Picard groups of local subcategories of A(1)-modules (Abstract)
Sept 17 Bruce Corrigan-Salter, Wayne State University
The Rigidification of Homotopy Algebras over Finite Product Sketches (Abstract)
Oct 1 Topology Caucus.

Oct 8 Mike Catanzaro, Wayne State University
Kirchhoff's theorems in higher dimensions and Reidemeister Torsion (Abstract)
Oct 15 Michele Intermont, Kalamazoo College
Stability and Topological Data Analysis (Abstract)
Oct 29 (joint algebra/topology seminar) Jean-Louis Colliot-Thelene, Universite Paris-Sud
Unramified cohomology and the integral Hodge conjecture (Abstract TBA)
Nov 12 Lennart Meier, University of Virginia
Homotopy Fixed Points of Landweber Exact Spectra (Abstract)
Nov 19 Dan Isaksen, Wayne State University
Higher products in topology and algebra (Abstract TBA)
Dec 3 Teena Gerhardt, Michigan State University
Topological Hochschild Homology via the HHR norm (Abstract)
Dec 10 TriThang Tran, University of Melbourne
Stabilisation of symmetric complements (Abstract)

Winter 2014

All talks are at 2:30 PM this semester, unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker and Title
February 4 Mike Catanzaro, Wayne State University,
Exciton scattering for mathematicians (Abstract)
February 11 John Klein, Wayne State University,
Co-A-infinity spaces (Abstract)
March 4 Justin Noel, University of Regensburg,
On a nilpotence conjecture of J.P. May (Abstract)
March 18 Po Hu, Wayne State University,
Title TBA (Abstract TBA)
April 8 (joint algebra/topology seminar) Kyungyong Lee, Wayne State University,
Generating loops from diagonals through Skein relations (Abstract)
April 22 Ben Williams, University of British Columbia,
Title TBA (Abstract TBA)