Claude L. Schochet


Mathematics Department

Wayne State University

Detroit, MI 48202


Educational Stats

Ph.D. in Mathematics


M.S.. in Mathematics


B.A. in Mathematics and Economics

I have been at Wayne State University since 1976. Before that I was at Indiana University for four years, after postdocs at Aarhus University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I’ve had sabbatical and other leaves at SUNY StonyBrook, UCLA, MSRI (at UC Berkeley), and the Technion in Haifa, as well as shorter visits to various other places. Mathematicians tend to get around, as we have no labs to shlep.


"Teaching is our opportunity to pass on to our students an understanding of the ideas, nature and importance of mathematics; and just sometimes, a glimpse of its beauty. Also, teaching pays the mortgage." (Steve Hurder)


I started out my mathematical life as an algebraic topologist, and for the first few years worked diligently computing homotopy groups and bordism groups. For the latest in this field, you should check out Clarence Wilkerson's Hopf Topology Archives.

In early 1973 I got hooked on the relationship between algebraic topology (and specifically K-theory) and functional analysis (especially C*-algebras) and have been interdisciplinary ever since. I have two special theorems-

the Kunneth Theorem for K-theory of C*-algebras


(with Jon Rosenberg) the Universal Coefficient Theorem for the Kasparov KK-groups

that are used so frequently in the field that they are not cited – authors just say “by the UCT… “  This is a nice honor and also holds down my citation counts!

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the (rational) homotopy groups of the group of unitaries of a C*-algebra as an alternative to K-theory. The second edition of Moore, Schochet, Global Analysis on Foliated Spaces, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2006.


You can always reach me at  Or you can spot me in the hallway – here’s a picture of my wife and me at a Purim party…

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