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List of Principal Speakers:

Eugene B. Dynkin Cornell University
Mark Freidlin University of Maryland
Georgii Golubev Universite de Provence, Marseille, France
Ildar A. Ibragimov Russian Academy of Sciences
Rafail Z. Khasminskii Wayne State University
Nicolai V. Krylov University of Minnesota
Harold J. Kushner Brown University
Oleg Lepsky Universite de Provence, Marseille, France
Robert Liptser Tel Aviv University
Stanislav Molchanov University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Michael Nussbaum Cornell University
George C. Papanicolaou Stanford University
Boris L. Rozovskii Brown University
Anatoli Skorokhod Michigan State University
Alexander Wentzell Tulane University


Asymptotic analysis in stochastic processes, nonparametric estimation and related fields, extends in many areas of human endeavor, from engineering and technology to medicine, and to economics. The rapid progress has necessitated communications among researchers. The purposes of the conference are to inherit the past and to usher in the future, and to bring together experts around the globe and junior researchers to review and to update the most recent progress, and to identify the challenges, important issues, and future directions in stochastic analysis, probability, and statistics. Looking towards the future, and foreseeing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the conference will provide an excellent forum and timely opportunity; it will have significant impacts on the new directions of research in the aforementioned fields, resulting in broader impacts on mathematics, education, and critically important areas of biological, physical, social sciences, and engineering. .

This is one of the 2006-2007 IMA Participating Institutions Conferences. This conference is supported in part by the Institute for Mathematics and its Application (IMA) through its Participating Institution (PI) Program. PI members may use IMA/PI funds to support travel of their personnel to this conference.

The conference is also supported in part by the National Science Foundation, and byWayne State University Office of Vice President for Research, Wayne State University Academy of Scholars, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, and Department of Mathematics.