Dan Isaksen

I grew up in Calabasas, California, on the northwestern edge of Los Angeles. I was an undergraduate at University of California Berkeley, where I was a member of the University of California Marching Band. I spent summers working in Boston, Massachusetts; Dayton, Ohio; and Duluth, Minnesota.

I lived in Chicago for five years while I attended graduate school at the University of Chicago. For a Southern California boy, I took to the cold winters well, and I've lived in the Midwest ever since (except for one year in Germany). I've lived in South Bend, Indiana, and I've lived in Southeastern Michigan since 2003.

I currently live in Birmingham, Michigan with my wife Sarah and my daughter Leah.

My brother Aaron Isaksen has a company called AppAbove that develops software for cell phones.

My brother-in-law Barry Bunin has a company called Collaborative Drug Discovery whose "web-based software organizes preclinical research data to help scientists advance new drug candidates more effectively" [not my words].

My grandmother Freda wrote a number of stories on many different subjects, including some of my family's history. You can read Freda's stories. If you're interested in genealogy and you have Jewish Norwegian relatives, you might want to take a look.

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