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Beginning a New Day

Freda Isaksen

I suffer from a very common ailment, nearly everyone I know tells me that they suffer from the same ailment. Dinner is over, the evening chores are completed and I settle down to watch my favorite television program. Suddenly there is oblivion. Usually I awake with a start, have missed the show and now what is there to do? The unfortunate respite has made me sleepy so there is no option other than to retire for the night.

Inevitably I awaken while it's still dark and look at the clock which indicates that it's the wee early morning hour and now sleep seems impossible. So I get out of bed, go into the kitchen and drink some warm beverage to induce sleep, maybe read a little or just lie in bed and count sheep.

I wish for dawn because then my problem is usually over. In California where we enjoy so much sunshine, on most mornings I have a view of the sunrise from my hillside home, so I look forward to the early morning hour when I can see those glorious colors of red and purple, yellow and orange hues sometimes like a roaring fire over the horizon to the East. I watch the scene whilst slowly sipping my first cup of coffee of the new day.

This gives me the pleasure of beginning a new day and continuing on to whatever the day has to bring, whether it be good or otherwise.

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