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In honor of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Freda and Micael, Deborah has prepared this volume with Daniel’s assistance. Freda has spent countless hours composing this family history which we have thoroughly enjoyed reading. We are grateful for The Trachtenberg Story authored by Freda’s brother Jack, completed in the late 1960’s.

With love,

For Daniel,

We hope that these stories will help you to understand and be proud of your heritage and your name.

Thank you for helping to make this a most memorable day.

Freda and Micael Isaksen
September 13, 1986


  1. The italicized text is written in Freda's hand.

Copyright Freda Isaksen 1986–2006. Permission to reuse for non-commercial purposes is granted, provided that the text is unaltered and the original source is acknowledged. For more information, contact isaksen at

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