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A Fall from Grace

Freda Isaksen

“Once upon a time there was a young princess.” Oh what vivid pictures that evoked in my mind. She was undoubtedly very lovely to behold with long blond shiny tresses, gleaming blue eyes and certainly a slim figure. In my imagination she would be wearing a long flowing gown of the best quality richly adorned with colorful embroidery and shimmering sequins and cut to enhance her youthful small body, maybe just showing the tops of her swelling young breasts. The rings on her fingers would be set with precious stones, the gleaming diamonds or perfect green emeralds or red rubies would enhance the necklace around her lovely white neck. No powders or creams or eye shadows were necessary to add beauty to that perfect face.

Probably this daughter of a king and queen would be reclining on a chaise lounge which was made to match the glamour of its occupant, maybe she was sleeping and awaiting that handsome prince who would come on a white charger and stoop to kiss those bow-shaped pink lips and arouse her love to match his own. She must have had a pleasing personality because he married her and they lived happily ever after.

In the present time there is a duchess. She is not beautiful but she does have a bubbly, outgoing personality. She has red hair, brown eyes and a big red mouth and she is a little plump. She looks very glamourous, modern day cosmetics have been generously applied to enhance her appearance. The jewels have been handed down in the family for generations and there is plenty of opportunity to acquire more.

A handsome prince drove up in a Rolls Royce and found her and they fell in love. They rode to their wedding in a painted coach driven by white horses whilst the common adoring populace stood for hours waiting to catch a glimpse of the glamorous duchess dressed in a long flowing white gown with a jewled tiara in her bouffant hairstyle.

But now the duchess has fallen from grace. Gone is the hope that she would live happily ever after with her handsome prince. Gone is the sparkle in her eye, the less-than-slim figure has become voluptuous from easy living, motherhood and good food prepared by ever-present servants. Only the title Duchess has been left to her. The servants, if any, must be retained by her own personal resources. The luxurious car, the well-equipped home, the abundant food are all her responsibility now. Her body so accustomed to expensive pampering has become a few sizes larger.

So this present day duchess must resort to the commonplace method of achieving beauty and glamour and losing weight. She has discovered there is an excellent opportunity to earn a living and at the same time show the world that even a duchess can accomplish her objective to retrieve an attractive slim body.

So just by turning on the television everyone can see and no longer imagine that beautiful duchess looking svelte and adorned with modern day artificial enhancements, advising us how to lose weight at a commercial facility.

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