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Mom, Then and Now

Freda Isaksen

The year 1940

7:00 AM: It’s time to get up for school, sleepyhead.
Thanks for getting up early and waking me, Mom.

8:00 AM: These pancakes are super and your homemade syrup just the way I like it. And Mom, thanks for ironing my favorite shirt.

12:00 PM: This lunch is great, Mom. You know how to make pizza with the right kind of toppings. And thanks for reminding me about my chores. See you after school!

4:00 PM: Can my friends come over for your special homemade chocolate chip cookies?

7:00 PM: Good dinner, Mom. I’ll help with the dishes. Would you cut my hair this evening? You know how so well.

8:00 PM: I need help with math problems, Mom. Hey, what’s that you’re knitting?

The year 2000

8:00 AM: Oh, gee, I’ll be late for school. Mom’s at her exercise class and all I can find for breakfast are dry corn flakes. There’s no milk in the fridge.

12:00 PM: Mom didn’t pack a lunch. Don’t you hate these tasteless school lunches? Don’t tell anyone but mine goes into the garbage.

4:00 PM: Mom’s at the movies. I’m starving. Wanna go to Rite Aid for an ice cream cone?

7:00 PM: Here’s a note from mom, she’s at her mah-jongg game. It says call Pizza Hut to deliver.

8:00 PM: What’s on television? Mom forgot to pick up the video.

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