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The Happy Moments

Freda Isaksen

Let the moments make you happy
Watch the bluebird in the tree,
See the rosebud gently swaying
As the petals open wide.
Be happy as you raise your gaze
To see the white clouds sail along the blue.
Beneath your feet let the green grass bring joy
That nature makes it so.
Be happy for the moment
When the rain begins to fall,
So all that grows around us
Will flower and sustain us.

Open up your arms
Embrace the beauty of it all,
Rejoice that this will be so
Through all the sadness and despair.
Be happy for the joyous moments
That come despite the sorrow.
Those fleeting moments of gladness
That make our lives worthwhile.

Copyright Freda Isaksen 1986–2006. Permission to reuse for non-commercial purposes is granted, provided that the text is unaltered and the original source is acknowledged. For more information, contact isaksen at

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