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To Be Remembered Forever

Freda Isaksen

My purpose in writing this story is so that Evan, Adam, Josh, and Mara and maybe others may go to Trondheim and look for the names of their ancestors hand-written in a book in the Lutheran Cathedral.

The cathedral Dom Kirke is a large, ancient and very beautiful Lutheran church. It is famous in Scandinavia and probably all over the world. It is constantly being renovated so it will be there forever.

It is the focus point of the city. Even I, a Jew, walk to the cathedral at every visit to the city. I have attended concerts there and even climbed to the top of the steeple (never again!). It is dominant in every replica of the city.

In my last visit I was shown a book wherein is hand-written the name of every person who was living in Trondheim and killed by the Germans during the occupation years of 1940–1945.

Included are the names of Isidor, Rosa, David, Wulf and the children Gerd, Leonard and Harry Isaksen.

In many Norwegian homes and every library there are a set of books entitled Våre Falne [Our Fallen] which lists individual photos and some dates of all Norwegians including the Isaksen family who lost their lives at the hands of their enemies including the Nazis through resistance or by execution.

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