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It’s That Time of Year

Freda Isaksen

Ah, spring is in the air! The grass is greener, the bare trees are sprouting, the dormant flowers are budding and the fields are glowing with the vibrant colors of wildflowers. How proud we are of the vivid reds of the profuse California poppy and the yellow mustard seed which cover the desert area at this time of year.

The chickens are strutting on the farms proudly eyeing their contribution to nature’s wondrous new season, their freshly laid eggs. Yes they are clucking at the evidence of their profuse capabilities and their acknowledgement that they provide and are part of the recurring joys and anticipations of spring.

Eggs—to symbolize the everlasting cycle of continuing new life.

Eggs—for the children to enjoy the new season when after the dark of winter they can frolic again gladly displaying their new finery in the sunshine whilst they hunt for Easter eggs.

Eggs—to symbolize the yearly rituals in a religious household or place of worship of many faiths.

Eggs—for the artist to express his individual talents in color with his tool the paintbrush. We have also admired the many egg-shaped pieces of jewelry and artistic designs which have been produced for many centuries because the chicken and the egg were always an inspiration. We wonder which of the two came first.

So many delectable meals will be served in countless diverse menus so that the original egg will be unrecognizable but greatly enjoyed. Even the round shape of the yolk with its golden color is indicative of the yellow sun which newly shines at this season.

Male and female alike will be enjoying the sight of the young and beautiful female chicks who will be encasing their long limbs in manufactured nylon L’Eggs, below their miniskirts. Ah! How many masculine heads will be turning to get a second glance at yet another example of nature’s beauty. It’s spring so the juices will flow with romance.

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