Requirements for the Proceedings of the
1999 AMS-IMS-SIAM Summer Research Conference on
Homotopy Methods in Algebraic Topology


CONM is an author-prepared series which means the AMS reproduces directly from camera copy prepared by the author. Close attention should be paid to page dimensions and specifications. The AMS will provide contributors with an instruction packet that gives guidelines on TeX and non-TeX preparation. Authors are expected to carefully proofread material before submission; author-prepared manuscripts are not proofread and authors will not receive galleys prior to publication.

The Society promotes consistency among papers within a volume and has consequently developed author packages for the series in both AMS-TeX and AMS-LaTeX. The author packages are free of charge and can be obtained from e-math author information . Detailed instructions for accessing the style files are available from the AMS Acquisitions Department. Authors are reminded that they may use any number of software applications to format their manuscript as long as the style remains consistent throughout and the required page dimension specifications are met. The AMS has both preproduction and technical support staff available to answer questions about the formatting of papers. Volume editors, however, are asked to provide assistance to authors unable to provide suitable camera copy.


The ECBT has established guidelines to effect the policy of rapid publication of conference proceedings; timeliness of the publication of research material is essential. Editors are thus required by the ECBT to set the deadline for submission of manuscripts from three to at most five months after the conference, allowing one additional month for editorial review. Since this series is printed from author-prepared copy, another month is allowed for preparation of final camera copy after the review process is complete. The AMS will write to contributors on behalf of the volume editor(s) giving submission deadlines and instructions on preparation of manuscripts.

The manuscripts should be sumbitted to the editor(s) unless other arrangements are made. When the refereeing process is complete, the referee reports should be sent to the Chairman of the CONM Editorial Committee and all manuscripts and front matter should be forwarded to the AMS. The AMS will check on the availability of .tex and .dvi files for each paper and will request submission of electronic files as necessary once the project has received final approval.

Publication should take place approximately 4-6 months after receipt of all camera-ready material for the volume (including Table of Contents and Preface). Larger volumes may take longer.

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